I thought my Not Dead Yet people might like to know how the Big Art Sale went, and also just get up to date with the Land of Amy.

So, to get you up to date:

  • My 72-year-old Mom is getting married! She is having a very hard time picking a date. It was going to be in September, then July, then May 21, and now it’s in late June.
  • I held a Big Art Sale when I suddenly realized May 21 was about 3 weeks away and I still didn’t have plane tickets. I sold some art! One commission, one painting, one Cartoon and a website banner. Enough to pay for the trip, in a completely awesome manner.
  • The late June date is really really final, and plane tickets have been bought. Soon, I’ll be flying 2000 miles to go visit my family.
  • To thank the people who bought or commissioned art, I posted some free wallpapers. Feel free to suggest different pieces if there’s something you’d like to see as your computer or iPhone background.
  • I’ve also been posting Daily Art over at Antemortem Arts, only some of which is for sale. Doodles and paintings, sculpture and miscellany, once a day! It keeps me on my toes.
  • As a result, I’ve been making more art! And getting more illustration clients, as well. So expect some changes around here to show off the shift in my business model from design to illustration, and the place where the two meet.
  • Be a Cartoon is still going strong as my favorite new thing that I’ve added this year! I am wembling about whether or not to keep the Draw Your Monster version as a permanent item, especially now that the Monster Coloring Book is out; I’m on the home stretch for Monster #2 of my original 3 clients, and they’re just so much fun. Thoughts?

Thank you to everyone who bought some stuff!