I love turning people into cartoons — I get to draw the people they wish they were, the way they see themselves, and it always puts a smile on their faces. You can use it as your Twitter picture, Facebook photo, or website banner. You can keep it on your desk, put it on a t-shirt, or use it to put a giant smile on your sales confirmation page — it’s all up to you!

Weeble Me
Fairy Me
Chibi Me

For many years I told myself that I couldn’t draw cartoons — I could paint and illustrate, but cartoons were hard. During that time, however, I kept doodling people left and right, and one day I looked up and, hey, I had a style! Three of them, actually.

I started drawing for friends, and even a client or two, and suddenly I realized these were really fun, and I wanted to do more of them. So, I put together a quick little service to turn you and your loved ones into cartoons. Cartooning people not only lets me see how awesome they are, but I get to go around saying, “Yeah, he’s great, I cartooned him.”

What’s included?

  • I draw you as a cartoon, then ink and color it
  • You get to watch it evolve from sketch to ink to full-color drawing, and give your input along the way
  • I’ll mail the 5″x7″ original to you gently cradled in the loving embrace of a thank-you card
  • You’ll get one print-ready tiff file and one web-ready jpg file (both on a white background), plus one print-ready psd and a web-ready png (both with a transparent background)
  • You get the rights to use it however you like, commercial or personal, though I reserve my own right to use it for promotional purposes
  • You’ll be in one of the styles pictured above, because, well, that’s my style
    • I call the left one “weeble stye” because of the cute round shape
    • I call the middle one “fairy style” (wings optional)
    • I call the right one “chibi style” (straightjacket optional)
  • You’ll get to wear whatever you like, be in any pose your cartoon can manage (weebles aren’t good at yoga) and have one simple prop like the cartoons above
  • These usually take a couple of weeks to a month (there’s often a queue), but can be rushed if you forgot to get a gift in time for that special occasion

What’s not included?

  • Backgrounds
  • Dogs, cats, iguanas, or other pets
  • Furniture, elaborate props, or mad scientist machines
  • All of these things can be added on, but it’ll be an extra fee (usually $40)

Want to see more? Check out my Be a Cartoon portfolio page. Or click here to see how a cartoon comes to life.

How Much? $79.
Sound good to you?

Got questions? Then drop me a line and we’ll talk turkey. Or tofu, if that’s what you prefer.

P.S. These make great presents — I can make your loved ones into cartoons, too. Grab a photo off Facebook and we can surprise your friends with a truly original gift.

Click the image for a larger version