Wood Sprite by Amy CrookOne of the things I’ve been doing lately is trying to change my relationship with money — feeling like there’s plenty of it, like I’m really allowed to have some, and like I have enough to share. I’ve also been trying to shift my professional focus from design to art and illustration, to let my creative side feel like it has plenty and let go of the ingrained image of the starving artist.

As of yesterday, I’m doing two things:

  1. I’m posting some kind of art every day at Antemortem Arts, whether it’s a sketch or a finished painting, for sale or sold, unsaleable or just something I want to keep around for myself.
  2. I’m donating 10% (of the gross, rounded up to the nearest dollar) of all my art and Etsy sales to charity.

I’m starting with Kiva, and at the end of May I’ll give them a lump donation of everything I’ve saved up for April and May. Then I’ll change to a new charity — probably the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I’ll rotate every month or two so that I can give to the causes that call to me, that always seem so endless when trying to choose just one.

So, what do you think? Would it feel better to you, as a supporter of the arts, to know a part of your money was going directly to another good cause?