Every small business needs some basics, but not everyone needs all the same stuff. I’ve put together a few package deals to give you an idea of what things cost, so you know where I come in on your budget.

New Projects

  • Logo – $399
    I’ll design a logo to represent your business, and give you a set of files all ready for print or web, so you can use them on business cards, your website, Twitter, letterhead, signs, stickers, labels, or whatever you need!
  • Blog or Website Header Graphic – $299
    Get a custom header for your website! It’s just what you need to give your site a unique look without breaking the bank, especially if you’ve already got a favorite WordPress theme just waiting for it. A header will have your business name (or yours, or both!), your tagline or logo if you already have them, and be sized just right to fit at the top of your website. And of course it’ll include a suitable image of some sort to help you connect to your audience.
  • Spot Illustration – $100 and up
    A cartoon for your sidebar, a painting for your book cover, a drawing for your business cards or a bunch of buttons for your navigation, whatever you need, I can add my style to it and get you set up. Contact me for a quote specific to your needs, or get more info here at my art site.
  • Be a Cartoon – $79 and up
    Ever wanted to be a cartoon? Well, now you can.
    Click here for details.

You like my stuff, but your cool project isn’t any of the things above. What now?

Now we fall back on the old-school methods — you email me or call me, I ask you a bunch of questions about your project and quote you a price, and we talk about it. I want to do your cool project. I love bringing people’s dream projects to life, whatever those are. These packages are my way of relieving the sticker shock fear that a lot of small businesses get when they’re shopping around for the things they need. These packages don’t lock you into getting something you don’t need, but rather offer a starting point for conversations about what it is you do need, and how that fits into your budget.

For instance, if you need just a website or only a flyer and not all that other stuff, or you need some combination of things that isn’t represented above, drop me a line and we’ll talk about my prices, your budget, and how we can work together to get you what you need.

I’m also available for by-the-hour work. My rates are $100 per billable hour, in half-hour increments, with a half hour minimum.

If we’re doing project work for a flat fee, the payment due dates will be agreed upon in advance and specified in the contract. Invoices are payable upon receipt, for hourly or flat fee work.